First time with someone other than her husband at home

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A married and unfaithful woman brings a guy home to fuck at home marital. If it’s only the first time. She feels guilty at first, as soon as she goes to see the cock of the guy, she will very want to take care of it. It must be said that her husband has not been spoiled by nature and he is not equipped to give him pleasure by filling her vagina as it should. She has a hard time getting around the dick that comes to her with the hand. She tries with the mouth, but it’s not better. She decides to ride this cock stretched that she just put in shape and sweep her pussy alone. She tries different positions to find the one that will give her maximum pleasure. It is finally doggy style that will allow the man to sink to the balls at the bottom of this vagina that is bored with her husband. Even the final ejaculation will be much more abundant.